Hello, my name is Néstor Pérez.

I'm a backend software engineer who specializes in asynchronous Python code.

About me

Hi there, nice to meet you! I'm a software engineer who's currently working in network automation. Here's a quick overview about me:

  • Passion for open-source. Have contributed in several occassions to different OSS projects; mainly those in the Python community.
  • Always advocate for following well-known design principles (SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, etc...). Writing clean code guarantees not only that it's easy to read, but also that it's easy to maintain, expand and test.
  • Iterating over and over again is essential. Nobody gets things perfect on the first try. Code is something that should be "alive".

In general, I excel in any type of coding with Python, but I have the most experience with async frameworks such as Sanic, FastAPI or discord.py.

Please reach out if you have work opportunities, want to collaborate, or just want to say hi!


Ziply Fiber

  • Software Engineer

    July 2023 - Present

    Part of the network automation team. Working on internal APIs and tools to automate network operations.


  • Junior Software Engineer

    September 2022 - May 2023

    Part of the core development team. Worked on network-oriented APIs and all the shenanigans that make it work, like asynchronous task workers, message queues, and data storage. Additionally, I reworked the CI / CD flows and the image build and deployment processes. Provided customer-centric support with any development-related issues.


  • Security Engineering Intern

    December 2021 - June 2022

    Performed offensive security testing of web and mobile applications. Helped with the development of a tool that allowed continuous monitoring, discovery and testing of customer assets in an automated fashion. Other notable projects are the development of an API that exposed all gathered data to the customers and an asynchronous web spider that crawled customer web services in search of sensitive data that could be used by attackers.

Sanic Framework (open-source, volunteering)

  • Steering Council

    October 2022 - Present

    Ensured the smooth operation of the community projects by removing impediments, and assisting members as needed. Voiced any concerns, suggestions or ideas. Handled RFCs, enforced the community's code of conduct and administered community assets.

  • Core Developer

    October 2021 - October 2022

    Submitted various contributions to the project, assisted the community and handled bug reports. Contributed to various discussions about the long-term direction of the project.

VATSIM Network (non-profit, volunteering)

  • Software Developer

    March 2019 - September 2021

    Contributed to the development of several of services; most notably to their proprietary audio simulation codec known as "Audio For VATSIM (AFV)". This codec is used by all of their clients and simulates real-life VHF and HF radio transmissions, decreasing audio quality as distance between transmitter and receiver increases in the simulation.


U-tad | Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital

  • Bachelor in Software Engineering (Cybersecurity specialization)

    Honors in Introduction to Programming I & II, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Distributed Systems Programming and Networking subjects.